Sam believes in work that amplifies the stories a generation on fire to be heard. She particularly loves work she feels like bridges the gap between communities, and brings us to a greater understanding of each other and the world. 

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what's been said

"Especially strong is Sam Paley, who approaches "Is This Not Love?" as if she could lift the burdens of the thwarted lovers off their shoulders." 

"Sam Paley is a mischievous wink in human form." 

- Lily Janiak, SF Chronicle

-Jim Gladstone, Bay Area Reporter

-Adam Brinklow, Edge Media

"The absolute highpoint comes during the knowing and quietly desperate scene when the fool Feste (an extremely confident and understated Sam Paley,) serenades Viola and Orsino while they privately agonize about their confused feelings. Perceptive moments like these can stick with an audience for years."